Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Here I am again, reviewing a local Malaysian film. This time, it is a film which has been anticipated by many in the local entertainment industry. Two years to be exact. The film was reportedly produced on a small budget and filmed in an astonishing 11 days! I had the privilege of attending the gala premiere last night courtesy of the film's distributor, Grand Brilliance.

Small budget + 11 days = A pretty good film.

The movie is titled... KIL

Kil marks the debut of Nik Amir Mustapha as the director. The film stars Redza Minhat and Cristina Suzzane. Supported by Harun Salim Bachik, Hasnul Rahmat and many more.

The film tells the story of Akil (or Kil for short, hence the film title), who is depressed with his life and wants to commit suicide. After several failed attempts he decides to seek help. However it is not to convince him to live, but to assist him to die. However, along the way a mysterious girl comes into his life and touches his heart. Is it too late for him to change his mind to die?

First of all, I have to applaud the premise of the film. Suicide. It is very rare that a Malaysian film will take on a sensitive subject which some in the public might frown upon it. I feel Grand Brilliance took a big risk in distributing KIL but I think it will pay off.

The film is told via a non-linear storyline. A non-linear storyline is when a film doesn't start with the 'beginning' and finishes with the 'end' but could start with the 'end' or any parts of the film. This is rarely seen locally and always in Hollywood films. Thumbs up for this script structure.

For a film that has a 'dramatic' premise, I like the fact that it was not too heavy and does not bore the audience.

KIL is anchored by the two leads Redza Minhat (Akil) and Cristina Suzanne (Zara). Their performances when beyond my expectations as both actors are not household names yet in Malaysia. However, after this film, I see them getting there. Harun Salim Bachik, who plays the person who will assist in Akil's suicide, was a welcomed supporting role to bring balance to the cast.

The shots in this film were tremendously gorgeous. And too know that KIL was shot on a low budget makes it even sweeter. The camera movements were great and the colour tone is fabulous.

It is a drama. It is slow. But it engages the audience. When parts of the film felt draggy, there's the insertion of comedy to keep audience focused. This film did not make me bored.

As the synopsis says, it is about suicide. Expect to feel depressed and sad but you will enjoy how the film was shot.

Slow and lots of talk. However, a movie fan should able to absorb this and appreciate the crescendo as it reaches the finale.

Production value! For a film that was produced on a low budget and filmed in eleven (11) days, it doesn't look like one. Roles were well portrayed by the actors. Beyond expectations.

You can check their Facebook page by clicking KIL here. Show your support by clicking Like. You can also watch the trailer below.


Here is a link to an article from New Straits Times which gives the film positive and glowing reviews. Click this link.


A Malaysian film that Malaysians can be proud of. As I write this blog posting, the director Nik Amir Mustapha is heading to the Cannes Film Festival to showcase KIL.
The film arrives in Malaysian cinemas 30th May 2013.

8 out of 10 (my rating is based/compared among local films)


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