Saturday, 10 August 2013


Here I am again reviewing a local film. This time is a film called Lemak Kampung Santan which has one of Malaysia's biggest stars Neelofa headlining the film. The male lead is Hans Isaac who also directs.
Hans Isaac comes of the successful film Cuci (2008) which he also directed. Cuci was a hit and even adapted to a stage musical of the same name several years after that. His follow-up Lemak Kampung Santan is anticipated by many in the industry since the success of Cuci.

A property development company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia intends to build a 72-hole golf course in the countryside. However, the village named Kampung Santan poses an obstacle in the company's plans to develop landscape for the golf course. After being served an eviction notice, the villagers of Kampung Santan refuses to leave no matter the circumstances. The company's project manager Ridzuan (Hans Isaac) must find a way to solve his employer's problem. In his quest, he unexpectedly falls in love with the popular village girl Tiqa (Neelofa). He then faces a dillemma between his professional integrity and the feelings of the heart. Along the way, he discovers more secrets in Kampung Santan that would eventually shape his outlook on life.
From an idea by Hans Isaac, I applaud the originality of the idea. It is a storyline not usually seen in Malaysian cinemas. However, the story structure got lost amidst the films attempt to balance between drama and comedy. There is an interesting motif written in the film which was surprising but lacked development.

Actor / director Hans Isaac playing the role of Ridzuan

Besides Isaac and Neelofa, the film is supported by an established cast of great actors, notably Harun Salim Bachik and Awie. Their scenes were memorable when they appear, however, there was too little and should have had more of them. Neelofa did well with her performance.

Actress Neelofa playing the role of Tiqa.

Its a romantic drama comedy, therefore the shots were pretty much basic and do not belong a certain directing style. The look and sets were alright and I liked the attempt of the production company to film on top KL Tower.

A scene from the film shot on top of famous landmark KL Tower.
Slow and uneven. It had a good start and then it felt draggy. This resulted from the multiple sub-plots being explained throughout the film.
Light hearted love story set against the backdrop of corporate greediness.

Awie and Hans Isaac in a scene from the film.
An attempt at creating a romantic comedy which was slightly anti-climactic. 
Neelofa's dramatic acting performance. Awie and Harun Salim Bachik providing comedic moments.

Actor Harun Salim Bachik plays Pak Wan, Tiqa's father.
The film is okay. Original idea but the multiple plots were too scattered. If you are into light-hearted films with a happy ending, this movie is for you. Despite some pitfalls, I try to watch local films as much as I can in support of the industry's growth.

Ridzuan (Hans Isaac) and Tiqa (Neelofa) speaking matters of the heart.
5.5 out of 10


  1. I think Bunohan play with this kind of plot/issue better. They add something else too, instead of love, they include family and mistic kind of feeling.

    I yet to watch this film, but read your review, Bunohan really come to mind, I couldn't compare since I only watched Bunohan, but from the look of it, Bunohan by far better.